Gansu Provincial Hospital was founded in 1950. It is a comprehensive top-ranked hospital integrating medical services with teaching, research, preventive medicine and health care.
It has approved beds 3370 (including the main campus 2600, west campus 455 and Honggu campus315), with open beds 2242.Total staff 2744, senior professionals438, provincial outstanding experts 8, provincialleading talent 20.M.D. 87, Master Degree 639.
It has 78 business departments, including 61 clinical departments with 75specialties and 17technical departments with 29specialties. We have 2 National key disciplines—Endocrinology and Nursing. Gansu General Surgery Clinical Medical Center and Gansu Stomatology Clinical Medical Center were set up in our hospital. Twelve departments have been authorized as key sections by Gansu Provincial Bureau of Public Health, including Internal Cardiology Department, Digestive Department, Diagnostic Imaging and Treatment Center, Clinical Testing Center, Pediatrics Department, Burns Surgery Department, Laparoscopic Treatment Center, Colorectal&Anal Surgery Department, GeratologyInstitution of Gansu Province, Endourology Surgery department, Treatment Center for Metabolic Disorders, and Treatment Center for cerebrovascular disease. In addition, it also has 12 provincial quality control centers,such as general surgery, clinical testining, Anesthesia, hemodialysis, infection, rational use of drugs, cardiovascular surgery, neurointervention, radiation and nursing.
It has lots of worldwide advanced medical equipment including the only Da Vinci Robot Operation System whichis the first one in northwestern China, approved by National Health and FamilyPlanning Commission,PET/CT; CT Imagine conducted High Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator Tumor Treatment System, Siemens 3.0 T superconducting magnetic resonance imaging system, photon dual-source CT 256 layer, 3D laparoscopic System. It contains 20 first-class clean laminar flow operating rooms in China,central supply service department(CSSD) Management and ICU which come up to an international advanced level. Gansu Provincial tele-medical consultation center was built in our hospital which covers almost all of the hospitals and clinics in counties and towns.
National first-class nuclear radiation treatment center, the only chemical poisoning treatment Base in Gansu Province,Provincial Clinical Testing Center, Provincial Geratology Institution and Provincial health care center were established here. Meanwhile, it is National Clinical Drug Trial Institution, Clinical Pharmacist Training Baseof Ministry of Health, National ResidentsStandardization Training base and General Practitioner Training Base in Gansu province. And it is also a post-doctoral scientific research workstation.
Gansu Provincial Hospital isalso People's clinical medical college of Lanzhou University, affiliated hospital of Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine University, joint clinical graduate studentstraining base of Gansu Traditional Chinese Medicine University, and also the teaching hospital of Ningxia Medical University. Besides, it is assumed the teaching and training base of Pingliang Medical College, Zhangye Medical College and other institutions. In terms of scientific research, it has achieved great progress in recent years, offered with the national natural science foundation 32. And it was awarded with the Chinese Medical Scientific Research Reward ,Gansu ProvincialScientific and Technological Progress first prize, etc.
In recent years, it set up a long-term relationship with the University of South Florida and Tampa General Hospital in America,Hopale foundation hospital in France, Israel Seiler Forensic Science Center and other foreign medical institutions.And it concluded the Sister's Hospital with Taipei Hospital and Tai wan Changhua Christian Hospital. We made more chances for more young staff and assigned them abroad for advanced studies. There were hundreds of people whowent to Denmark, France, Canada, Japan, Germany, the United States, Britain, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places for learning and training exchange programs each year.
As the largest public government hospital, Gansu Provincial Hospital always puts the public interest in the first place. In all of the work, we persists in the service discipline of “serving for people”, the service function of “public interest first”, the service conception of “Life First, Patients Foremost”. We try our best to enhance our working process, specification and the action of every job to make sure every part of medical treatment standardize. It has become one of the best hospitals especially in medical treatment quality, technological background, scientific research and key discipline constructionin Gansu province.